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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mason Dixon 20/20 Revisited

As we gear up for the last Mason Dixon 20/20, I thought I'd post some of the candid shots that I took during the last two. Not much commentary but lots of bikes and faces (and backs). Sorry that some are a bit blurred -- that happens when the camera is moving at 65 MPH!

Riders' Meeting

Dressed a little differently for the morning meeting.

Staged and ready to go! 

Indiantown Gap - in memory of Jim Young.


Jeff Wilson
(Sorry - I don't know the identity of the riders in this shot or a few others.)

Chris Rasmussen
Pretty sure that's Lisa Cover Rufo ...

and her posse behind her

2018 - The Wedding!

Truly, this must be the only rally to include a wedding. THAT was very special. Loved the crowns!

The check-in

Lots of Bikes! 

And the riders ...

And then the bride and groom arrived!

Picture taken, and everyone departed.

On the road, in pursuit of boni (2018 & 2019):

Behind Jim Owen (again!)

2018: The Arsenaults passed us too.

2019: From HQ to Indiantown Gap, in the early morning sun

2019: Entering PA to "pursue your happiness." I wish this were framed better!

2019: Steve Gallant 


2018: Jim Owen, Jeff and Erin Arsenault and us: At our first 2018 bonus. 

2018: Many hours later, post-wedding ... but I have no idea where we were!

A dose of Mayberry RFD, 2018:

2018: Exorcist stairs in DC. Me and Billy Connacher's bike. Exactly two times better! 

2019, Passing through Pittston PA, known for tomato throwing: Not a bonus. But it could have been! 

2019: The next logical stop after Indiantown Gap, so thought several of us. 

Everyone's been here! 
The morning after: